Bloomfield Hills High School

Our district needs to consolidate two rival schools – please help us finally pass a bond.

Bloomfield Hills School District commissioned us to develop a Master Plan for combining their existing two high schools on one campus. The process began with extensive community engagement to build consensus. Several referendums had not passed due to the lack of agreement: should there be two schools or one?

In response to the communities desire for smaller schools, we developed a plan with small-scale learning communities. Each student belongs to a community of no more than 150 students. With learning communities, the school still has a small-scale feel but can combine amenities giving the students opportunities to world-class co-curricular programs. Design objectives for this project included providing space for a consolidated population of 1650 students, a Master Plan with site options, a baseline design that maximized value and supported comprehensive curriculum and co-curriculars, the use of part of one of the old buildings, design options for enhanced programming, and a plan that would provide a learning environment that embraced 21st century learning.

“We are extremely pleased with the work of Fielding International and the expertise they brought to our project.  Their patience, talent, professionalism, creativity, teamwork and spirit were just what we needed. I couldn’t be more thrilled with their beautiful, cost-effective design for our new High School.”

– Rob Glass, Superintendent, Bloomfield Hills Schools

Project Data

Location: Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Type: Renovation, New Wing

Size: 350,000 SF

Cost: $82 Million

Date Opened: 2015

Design Team: Randy Fielding, James Seaman, and Isaac Williams