International School of Brussels High School

Help us honor our commitment to sustainable design solutions in our new high school.

Our firm was the Master Planner and designer of the campus, and the new high school building at ISB. With a 40-acre Campus, set within the Forêt de Soignes, ISB is uniquely positioned to offer an outstanding education in a safe, secure and spectacular environment. Students at ISB come from over 60 countries, giving the school an international flavor and global emphasis. The school is committed to sustainable environmental solutions and wanted the new high school to not just be innovative, but to also be as green as possible.

Fielding determined the design of the high school would include as many environmentally positive design features to reflect the ISB ethos. Special consideration was given to achieving maximum daylighting through building alignment and the use of transparency. And during construction, students were housed in a lower-cost renovation of an unused building on campus, enabling them to experiment with innovative spaces built through reuse.

The ISB High School is designed to interconnect floors and learning spaces both visually and physically, making it cohesive and easy to move through. The presentation gathering stair links two floors and offers flexible use the entire cycle of the building. The use of transparency links areas both within and without the facility, and the unified colors and repeated motifs also add to the visual unification of spaces. ISB is proud to be the only school in the country to have been awarded a second Eco-Dynamism Star by the Brussels Environment Agency and invited by the Directorate for Energy and Transport of the European Commission to become a Campaign Associate in the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign.

Project Data

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Type: New Construction

Size: 62,431 SF

Cost: $11 Million

Date Opened: 2012

Design Team: Randy Fielding and the Minneapolis Studio