John C. Schiffer Collaborative School

The leading alternative high school in the state of Wyoming, John C. Schiffer Collaborative School is SCSD2’s high-school-level alternative educational program, and exists to provide educational opportunities for students for whom a non-traditional school setting may be more appropriate.

Four distinct flexible learning zones help define the space and its uses: Discovery Zone, Workshop, Heart, Deeper Learning. Each zone has a variety of spaces and resources to facilitate various types of learning and gathering. Overlap and transitional areas create an open, welcoming environment that encourages interdisciplinary and multi-modal learning.

By distributing administrative and staff workspaces near each transition area collective ownership of student support and supervision, as well as the opportunity for ‘organic’ collaboration dramatically increase. All students and staff have access to collaborative and private workspaces.

Learning Environment Design within this alternative school also features low-sensory classrooms and an open library concept through the school commons. A balance of materials and textures create a rich and soothing feel while unifying the building with the site and surrounding campus. Three [3] main material partis synthesize to enhance the comfort, mood and learning experience: rock, sand, and wood.

Project Data

Location: Sheridan, Wyoming

Type: New Build

Size: 19,850 SF

Cost: $8.3 Million

Date Opened: August 2021

Design Team: James Seaman, Michael Posthumus, and Justen Dippel