Magnificat High School

The problem is that our spaces don’t reflect our education mission and are very dated.

This Catholic school, the largest all-girls’ Catholic high school in Ohio, sponsored by the Sisters of the Humility of Mary, has the mission of educating young women holistically. Students come to Magnificat because of the warm, caring, nurturing and comfortable environment that allows each young woman to develop her talents and find her own voice. Fielding International helped plan and design a partial renovation for the school that supported this educational mission, and that updated the interiors to create more inspiring and collaborative environments.

The design team embraced the term “Surround Learning”, coined by Sister Helen Jean Novy.  It’s a concept that connects the physical environment, new learning methodologies, and information and communication technologies for creating a holistic and enriched learning experience. The resulting spaces that comprise the hub of the school are the Resource Center, Student Cafeteria, Large Group Instruction (LGI), Business and Technology Center (BTC), and the Faculty/Staff Lunch Room. Fielding designed and renovated these spaces to align with Surround Learning and to be used throughout the day, rather than an hour or two.

“The students tell me, their teachers and their parents and visitors, “I love the Surround Learning Center!” I believe they choose the word ”love” because the Center honors them with its openness, light, color and comfort.”

– Sister Carol Anne Smith, former Head of School

Project Data

Location: Rocky Road, Ohio

Type: Renovation

Size: 40,000 SF

Cost: $25 Million

Date Opened: 2013

Design Team: James Seaman