Sinarmas World Academy

Help us create a tropical campus where multiple learning modalities are supported! Fast!

Fielding International served as Design Architect and Educational Facilities Planner for Sinarmas World Academy, a 1,500-student school which opened in July 2008 by the SINARMAS Group. The school was planned, designed and constructed within 16 months on a very tight site and posed many difficult challenges that had to be overcome. From an architectural perspective, the challenge for us was to create a campus that is modern, aesthetic, dramatic, playful and responsive to the cultural context and Indonesian ethos.

The design team worked at top speed, basing the design on innovative learning best practices. The design of the Sinarmas World School utilizes modern research that has now shown that learning is not linear but holistic and multi-faceted. In other words, children learn differently, using different learning strategies or modalities and at different speeds. We have identified twenty distinct learning modalities that represent the different learning strategies that children use based on their individual learning styles.

This means each floor holds a Learning Community by combining several learning studios together and connecting them with a large, multi-purpose commons that can be used for project work, independent study, distance learning and collaborative work. Each SLC also contains its own teacher workroom, a small kitchenette/café space, a small reference library and workspaces for each student. And each floor also contains outdoor learning spaces including covered and shaded outdoor terraces. In this way each SLC is a rich learning environment that will support most of the twenty learning modalities and allow teachers maximum flexibility.

Project Data

Location: Tangerang, Indonesia

Type: New Construction

Size: 91,000 SF

Cost: $15 Million

Date Opened: 2008

Design Team: Randy Fielding and Jay Litman