St. Martin de Porres High School

Our learning spaces need to reflect the businesses in our professional internship program.

Situated in downtown Cleveland, the new St. Martin de Porres High School, a member of the Cristo Rey network, is a center in the community, and a launching pad for students to reach their dreams of meaningful and rewarding work beyond it. St. Martin de Porres students, many of whom are from underserved communities, are placed in internships with local businesses so that they can begin developing the communication, interpersonal skills, and work ethic that that will serve them well in their future careers. Phase one of their new Master Plan involved renovating and adding on to one of their existing satellite buildings and creating a professional center for student study.

The Fielding team designed the ground floor as the public area of the school, featuring an Admin Area, Chapel, and Café/Commons area. Outdoors, a café and project area are surrounded by a small nature space, designed for reflective introspection. The second floor contains education spaces, counseling and another small common area. Furnishings and surfaces were carefully selected and sophisticated, with meeting rooms and tech amenities similar to those in modern offices.

The new addition contains materials that echo the adjoining vintage building and main high school building across the street. There are zones for individual and group learning, and lots of transparency when spaces are enclosed for sound control. Learning spaces can connect or separate like they do in the corporate world. All the surroundings are designed to create respect and a professional attitude in the student body.

Project Data

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Type: Renovation, New Wing

Size: 80,000 SF

Cost: $12 Million

Date Opened: 2017

Design Team: James Seaman, Randy Fielding, Mike Yager, and Travis Pennock