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Pathfinder Projects

Hopkins Public Schools came to Fielding International in 2019 with a bold vision to help reimagine what school could be. The team at Fielding has come to deeply understand Vision 2031 by engaging with scholars, educators, and district leaders, as well as through onsite observations. 

The work has culminated in five Pathfinder Projects, all of which were proposed by teams of educators across the district. These designs showcase a new paradigm of learning environments; ones that authentically align to the values the Hopkins community holds dear. The plans and renderings presented result from extensive listening, co-designing, and attention to the holistic needs of learners young and old.

The Process

After an intensive journey of active listening, keen observation, creative brainstorming, detailed analysis, and thoughtful reflection, we’ve arrived at these Pathfinder designs. Let’s take a closer look at this transformative process:

2019 to 2021
We meticulously crafted a comprehensive 108-page facilities report. As you peruse its pages, you’ll recognize the pivotal role of the learning community concepts embraced by each school. Be sure to pay special attention to our top four recommended actions, highlighted from page 84 onwards.

Fall 2022
Introducing the Spatial Audit. We thoroughly collected data to assess the efficacy of each Hopkins school environment across eight vision-aligned domains. Dive into the detailed findings in our Spatial Audit report here.

2022 to 2023
A Year of Pathfinder Proposals and Progress. Dedicated educator teams presented proposals spanning five distinct categories. From a pool of 47 innovative submissions, each was rigorously evaluated based on four critical factors: Transformative Potential, Student Impact, Readiness for Transformation, and Urgency of Need. Five teams, showcasing the most promising concepts, advanced to the conceptual design stage. Our journey with these teams began with a Design Charrette, ensuring a deep understanding of their aspirations and the broader context of their projects.

Summer 2023
We engaged with students, seeking their invaluable feedback and innovative ideas to refine our projects further.

August 2023
Unveiling of a Comprehensive Design Package.

Project Resources


Hopkins Pathfinders Final Report

The Hopkins Design Report is a comprehensive document that details the embodiment of the six core values outlined in "Hopkins Vision 2031" within the physical spaces and structures of the institution (pages 15-23). Serving as a beacon for the institution's future infrastructural and architectural endeavors, the report meticulously outlines five pivotal "Pathfinder" projects. These projects, each accompanied by detailed summaries and vivid renderings, are instrumental in translating the vision's core values into tangible realities, ensuring that the physical environment mirrors the institution's evolving ethos and commitment to excellence.

Hopkins Public Schools Core Values

These slides show how the Pathfinder projects integrates Hopkins Public Schools' six foundational values — Love, Vigilant Equity, Authentic Inclusivity, Humility of Heart, Intentionally Adventurous, and Optimistic Innovation — into the physical environments. Click through to see an example of how each value can manifest in space.

Hopkins Facilities Report

The Hopkins Facilities Report delves into the imperative transformation of Hopkins schools from the traditional "Cells and Bells" spatial paradigm to the more progressive "Learning Community" model, in harmony with the values highlighted in Vision 2031. Using Alice Smith Elementary School as a case study (pages 10-24), the report underscores the inherent challenges associated with the outdated Cells and Bells approach. It further offers a conceptual framework for the metamorphosis of schools into the Learning Community model, providing strategic recommendations to guide the district's evolution over time, ensuring a holistic and value-aligned educational environment.

Team Contacts

Jolene Goldade Dir. of Communications & Marketing Hopkins Public Schools jolene.goldade@hopkinsschools.org
Randy Fielding, AIA Design Principal Fielding International randy@fieldingintl.com
Nathan Strenge Senior Learning Designer Fielding International nathan.strenge@fieldingintl.com
Cierra Mantz, AIA Senior Designer Fielding International cierra@fieldingintl.com
Brian Cho Senior Designer Fielding International brian@fieldingintl.com
Gloria Ramirez Senior Designer Fielding International gloria@fieldingintl.com
Zack Boruta Associate Designer Fielding International zack@fieldingintl.com
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