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Agile Lab Space

Agile Lab Space

Agile Lab Space


Many science labs are embedded with infrastructure that is only conducive to one type of class or learning; however, both the sciences and the arts are intrinsically multidisciplinary and need spaces that facilitate multiple learning modalities and activities.


In order to create flexible and multimodal spaces to foster active STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math), lab spaces are often slightly larger than a typical Learning Studio /classroom. Traditional labs often have fixed infrastructure such as sinks and gas in fixed islands, making rearrangement of the space impossible.

Placing sinks and other fixed elements along the perimeter of the room allows for changes in room arrangement over time. Mobile lab tables can be freestanding or connected to perimeter counters. Distributing power throughout the room using ceiling-hung outlets with retractable extension cords is a helpful strategy.

For greater versatility, labs can be thought of as a suite of spaces, instead of a single room. Agile Lab Spaces can also be adjacent to a Project Commons that can include a messy project area, think-tank space, and integrated student displays.

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