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Culinary Arts Kitchen

Culinary Arts Kitchen

Culinary Arts Kitchen


Diet and nutrition can directly impact a child’s learning ability. Recent studies have shown that diets with high levels of saturated fats can result in impaired memory and decreased energy levels. Food is also an essential part of cultural expression, but not every child has access to quality and culturally authentic food. Pair this nutritional awareness with the growing demand for hands-on, future-ready learning and it becomes imperative for schools to consider this pattern.


A kitchen provides a wonderful opportunity for students to learn about food nutrition and cultural diversity through the culinary arts. Interdisciplinary and project-based learning experiences can be achieved all through the lens of food. Food provides opportunities for learning about chemistry, math, history, and language, while also developing an essential life skill. Schools interested in this pattern should be thoughtful about adjacent spaces, such as merging the kitchen with a Casual Eating Area near the heart of the school. These connections could form community cooking and cross-cultural learning opportunities.

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