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Health, Fitness, and Wellness

Health, Fitness, & Wellness

Health, Fitness, & Wellness


Health is paramount for living a fulfilling life. However, the focus on health and fitness in many schools centers around traditional sports where large gymnasiums and regulation sports fields are required, only a select group of students identify and engage with athletics, and for most students, they only engage in fitness activities during a single period of the school day – if at all.


Instead of a narrowed focus on athletics, a holistic emphasis on health, fitness, and wellness that is integrated throughout one’s daily experience is a way to promote lifelong healthy habits. This can be achieved by designing spaces and opportunities that encourage a variety of physical activities in addition to traditional, competitive sports. Examples include outdoor and indoor paths for walking and running, small rooms that can be used for yoga and meditation, or even the use of Hokki stools or balance balls as seating options.

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