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Indoor-Outdoor Connections

Indoor-Outdoor Connections

Indoor-Outdoor Connections


Humans evolved as outdoor animals that need to be connected to nature to sustain their well-being. Yet, students often spend a majority, or all, of the school day indoors. Furthermore, most buildings only provide windows on one side of a classroom with students forced to face away from the outdoors; corridors tend to be cut off from natural daylight altogether.


As a way to ensure students have access to nature, it is essential that schools have strong indoor-outdoor connections that form a natural link to extend indoor learning spaces beyond the walls of the school. This can be achieved by incorporating the following features: numerous exterior vistas; outdoor project porches, learning terraces, and upper-level learning balconies; outdoor seating areas for reading, eating, conversing, etc.; and natural and landscaped features such as trails, bodies of water, gardens, and playfields.

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