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Joint, Shared, & Integrated Use

Joint, Shared, & Integrated Use

Joint, Shared, & Integrated Use


Trillions of dollars go into school construction each year around the globe, yet there is a surprising lack of integration and shared use beyond conventional school activities. This approach misses an opportunity to turn schools into community-connected learning hubs that can spark more authentic learning, provide wraparound services for students, and become a genuine asset for all members of the community.


Every locality brings unique challenges and context, but looking at schools beyond their traditional purpose can open many opportunities for facilities to be more of a whole community asset. Integrated health services, an auto shop, a community rec center, a recording studio are just a few ideas to get the brain going. Creative problem solving around integrated usage not only makes the facility more of an asset to the entire community, but connects young people to more authentic learning opportunities, as well.

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