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Language Suite

Language Suite

Language Suite


Communication is an essential component of almost every school. The ability to read, write, listen, and speak is fundamental to learning almost anything, and that certainly applies to learning a language. Despite this understanding of its importance, schools too frequently ignore some key spatial elements when creating places to learn a language.


Designing a highly functional Language Suite honors the diverse activities that will happen there. Writable surfaces to practice and share in real-time, a cozy reading nook, a rehearsal booth to practice with supportive technology, adjacent small group rooms, and flexible furniture to group and regroup as needed are all best practices.

The Language Suite has an advantage over a Language Studio by allowing teachers to work together for part of the day, and create separation when desired.

One variation on this is making one of the connected suites a quieter space for individuals to read, write, research independently; with the second suite being a more active space for group work, speaking, listening, performances, and hands-on learning.

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