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Personalized Student Storage

Personalized Student Storage

Personalized Student Storage


Everyone wants a place for their stuff – it’s a want that’s wrapped up in our basic needs around safety, security, and belonging. Where do I keep my purse, wallet, sweater, water bottle, tablet, laptop, books, musical instrument, athletic clothes, mittens, hand moisturizer, and phone charger? But the needs and realities around homerooms, cubbies, and lockers are changing, and the old systems for student storage typically fall short.


An alternative approach to student storage involves family groupings of smaller lockers. Placing higher stacks of these smaller lockers along the perimeter of a Learning Commons catalyzes the use of Learning Walls. Strategically placing shorter stacks of lockers in the interior of a Learning Commons allows an additional hard surface to be used as a workspace. For younger students, an open locker approach with hooks in a mudroom transitioning from inside to outside creates less clutter in the Learning Community.

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  • Personalized Student Storage

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  • Provide a Home Base for Every Learner

    Within the physical boundaries of each instructional area, create a home base for each learner. Include cubbies and lockers for personal belongings arranged in small groups to provide space for informal social interaction. -Jeff Lackney, School Design: An Architect’s View