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Quiet Zone

Quiet Zone

Quiet Zone


There comes a time when learners of all ages desire time and space to reflect and work independently, which is often best in quieter environments. Always being in noisy, open environments can be distracting and produce anxiety for many kids. Furthermore, noisy and distracting environments essentially make it impossible for learners to get in a flow state, a mental apex we should be designing our environments to foster.


A variety of enclosed and semi-enclosed spaces with acoustic separations and acoustically absorptive materials provides learners with a choice of acoustic environments.

Quiet Zones may include small group rooms, nooks defined by full or half-height walls, and informal enclosures defined by movable acoustic screens, high-backed couches, and individual workstations.

Acoustically absorptive materials include books, upholstered furniture, fabric-wrapped wall and ceiling panels, or baffles with cotton or fiberglass fillings.

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