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Small Group Rooms

Small Group Rooms

Small Group Rooms


Conventional schools typically have very little variety in the type, size, and quality of spaces accessible to students. As such, students tend to spend much of their school day in large groups. When we ask young people around the world what types of spaces would help them learn, one of the most common responses centers around environments that allow for individuals and small groups to get away from the large group. Spaces that support more independent and reflective learning as well as more active, small group collaboration. Historically, the classroom model has severely limited students’ access to spaces like this, which has major consequences not only on the ability to differentiate and personalize learning but also on measures of wellness and student agency.


Small group rooms allow individuals and small groups to gather in an acoustically isolated, physically separated space, naturally facilitating independent study and small-group collaborations.

Considering adjacency and transparency can ensure these are both functional and safe environments for kids.

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