Associate Designer

Brendan is an Architectural Designer at Fielding International and leads projects with an eye for detail, organization and visual orientation, helping to analyze, problem solve, design, collaborate, and iterate.

Brendan had a taste of new ideologies in educational design in one of his studios at Roger Williams University and was drawn to Fielding knowing he would have the ability to apply these concepts and design for our future generations.

Architecture oversees many different disciples and allows Brendan to apply his interests about sustainable practices, history and art. He enjoys hiking, traveling and creating in many forms such as photography and music.

He has been a landscape/astro photographer since 2015 which has led to interests in hiking and traveling. His newest interest is learning multiple instruments, primarily synthesizers.

Brendan’s professional superpowers include idea synthesizing, thinking deeply and strategically, helping others spark imagination and creativity, and enthusiastically maintaining a “big picture” focus.