“While his long-term interests lie more firmly in architectural and educational theory, Charlie currently pursues applications that put theory to practice to transform the learning environment and experience for younger generations.”


Senior Designer

Charlie is an educational and residential architect, scenic designer, and educator who has been designing learning environments with Fielding International’s Michigan Studio for over five years. Leveraging this varied expertise allows him to approach projects from multiple points of view, always seeking to enhance functional design solutions with home-like experiential qualities and contextual nuance.

Given the importance education has in nurturing not only the minds of students but the values of their communities, Charlie firmly believes that schools should be inviting, engaging, safe spaces for those they house. By employing empathy-driven design thinking, he strives to create learning environments where character is built through collaboration and compassion, allowing students and educators alike to take responsibility for their own learning and growth.

Before pursuing his master’s degree, Charlie worked in New York City, serving as the Technical Director for NYU’s Playwrights Horizons Theater School for three years. During this time he managed hundreds of student productions, taught professional collaboration, and designed work for the NYC Fringe Festival, David Korins Design, Te Ilum Theater & Arts, and Multipurpose Room. He continues to explore theatrical design work whenever time allows, most recently in collaboration with A Host of People, a Detroit-based ensemble theater company.

Recent projects include master planning for The KAUST School in Saudi Arabia; a new Innovation Center for Mound Fort Junior High School in Ogden, Utah; an Early Childhood Center addition to Hillel Day School in Farmington Hills, Michigan; and conceptual designs for the Greater Memphis Adventist Academy in Memphis, Tennessee.

Charlie holds a Master’s degree in Architecture from the University of Michigan and a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Northwestern University.

When not designing, Charlie can often be found goofing around with his daughters Lucy and Claudia or going for walks with his wife Chantel and their two dogs, Beaker and Bunsen.