Joan Freedman

A creative and passionate educator with 30+ years of experience in educational leadership, curriculum design, and teaching.”


Senior Education Consultant/STEAM Specialist

Joan is a creative, passionate, and experienced educator who enjoys helping fellow educators create learning experiences for students that are fueled by curiosity, deep and meaningful learning, and successful skill acquisition. To advance excellence in education for each child, she believes in offering students a content-rich curriculum, asking questions that will lead to deep thinking, and unlocking the talents which lie in each teacher and student. If the purpose of education is to build the learner’s knowledge and capacity, then any decisions must have the student at the center, and she helps educators use creative ways to engage learners. She has spent more than 30 years in education serving as an award-winning classroom teacher, a preschool director and a curriculum specialist. Joan is an independent educational specialist and consultant, working with educators to reimagine the possibilities of a meaningful and engaging education for our students through her passion, creativity, and expertise. Specific areas of expertise include PBL, K-8 curriculum, and STEAMaker education.