20 Years of Excellence

Reflecting on 20 Years: The Journey of Fielding International

By Randy Fielding, AIA,
Founding Principal, Fielding International

Greetings from Minneapolis, Minnesota!

This year, Fielding International commemorates its 20th anniversary, a significant milestone that fills me with gratitude. As I reflect on our journey, I’m transported back to our humble beginnings and a vision that has expanded across the globe, impacting over 50 countries with a new approach to learner-centered designs.

The landscape of education has seen a paradigm shift over the past two decades. Recognizing this, our team, with a shared foresight, ventured to redefine educational spaces. Our commitment has always been to create environments that put students at the helm, enhancing their autonomy, well-being, and the depth of their learning experiences. This vision, coupled with an interdisciplinary approach, stands as a testament to our passionate commitment to holistic, innovative school designs.

But Fielding International’s journey isn’t confined to just architectural expertise. As the demands of global education evolved, so did we. Our portfolio extended to encompass comprehensive educational consulting and innovative learning design services. Our aim? To ensure schools worldwide are not only architecturally equipped but also fortified with the strategies and tools for academic and real-world success.

Throughout these years, our core principle has remained consistent: understanding and creating student-centered spaces. It’s a process that involves a deep connection with diverse educational communities, working to understand their unique needs and aspirations. For us, this mission goes beyond mere design. It’s about empowering the forthcoming generations of learners and educators with spaces that truly resonate with their essence.

One initiative that I’ve been passionate about is SchoolPatterns.com. This platform offers access to a knowledge base of design patterns, problem statements, and a gallery of illustrations that nurtures a shared language for learners and designers, tailored for pioneering learning environments.

B Corp Impact Areas

Our recent certification as a B Corporation™ underpins another vital facet of our ethos. It accentuates our dedication to societal well-being, environmental stewardship, and stringent ethical standards. Joining hands with the global B Corp community, we strive for tangible, positive global transformation.

From our beginnings to our present team of 26 incredible minds across various studios, and our footprint in Singapore, I’m filled with excitement for what the future holds. As we move forward, our resolve only strengthens, ready to set even higher standards in educational design and consultancy.

For those who wish to embark on this enlightening journey with us, I invite you to explore our Fielding-designed learning environments and visit SchoolPatterns.com.

Our work is an ever-evolving journey; we eagerly anticipate further learning and exploration alongside our clients and their communities, continuously reimagining educational spaces, embracing innovative approaches, and fostering global connections to ensure every learner flourishes.

Fielding International’s 20th Anniversary News Release

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