Alternating (Hybrid) Return Strategies

In the Alternating Return scenario, a school will have roughly half of its students physically in the school and the other half will be engaged in distance learning from home. This hybrid return model will pose a lot of unique challenges and opportunities for educators, but what does this look like in practice? What does a “Day in the Life” of a student look like in this scenario? Many local school districts are developing safety plans for the alternating return scenario; we want to share a hypothetical real-world example that follows an elementary school student throughout the day.

We crafted a daily schedule for a student at one of our recent projects, Eden Park Elementary School to demonstrate how COVID safety measures, educational best practices, and social and emotional well being can all be addressed in these challenging times. By following the student from space to space in this “Day in the Life” scenario, we hope that you can find solutions that will fit your school’s needs.

Eden Park Elementary’s 3rd-5th grade is housed within a FI Learning Community. This space can be subdivided into zones in which a consistent group of 12 students can stick together to minimize the level of interactions between different groups (you can see more RIDE reopening guidance here, please look into your local guidelines). Here is what a “Day in the Life” might look like for our student named “Alex.”  

In the slideshow below, you will see we have “popped the roof off the school”. This allows you to see inside the school during Alex’s day and how this student moves about the space. From there, you will find a walk-through of Alex’s school day from start to finish. 

Graphics by Enrico Giori

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