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The Future of Education is now! We recently had the chance to chat with Jill Nicolini on Business Talk Radio and share some insights on our research and what we see for the future of education. We hope you listen in to a few of our sessions and learn more about our global leadership in the development of a new language of School Design.

The Future of Education for a Post-COVID World.

Jay Litman and Jill Ackers begin a 5-week series of conversations.

Reimagining the Ritual of School.

How can we create a fluid infrastructure that will allow the children of tomorrow to thrive? Fielding discusses what has to change in the basic premises of school design so that we can create new kinds of venues and educational environments to engage and support students in new ways.

What should modern learning look like?

Children of today won’t enter the “real world” until the early 2040’s! This means the future is now! For the children of tomorrow to find success in a wired AI-driven technocratic society, they must have a solid grounding in the physical world. We believe those schools must support the development of not just skills and competencies but create a learning environment supports the development of critical human skills such as patience, inquisitiveness, curiosity, empathy, collaboration, confidence, humor and critical thinking. With the departure of corridors and autonomous classrooms, new freedom in the Language of School Design has occurred. The morphology of the “School” building has shifted away from the rectilinear office building form to something far more organic. Jay and Jill explain how this design evolved and how it can support and nurture the next generations.

Planning and Design for STEAM Education.

Experience and insight into the development and design of the supports for a STEAM curriculum and required training of teachers to work effectively in this revolutionary environment. Innovation in education is universal, there are no age boundaries. Although the specific needs of each age group must be considered, the new language of school design is common in all age groups. That is why Fielding works from preschool through post-secondary levels to empower and immerse students and educators in inquiry, dialogue, critical problem-solving, and experiential learning that deepens the understanding of all fields in their educational experience.

The Future of Education for a Post-COVID World.

Series wrap-up discussion. What next?

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