American School of Dubai

  • LocationDubai, United Arab Emirates
  • TypeMaster Plan

Gifted with new land, American School of Dubai wanted to add a new building to the north end of their campus. When Fielding was invited to lead a Master Planning effort, this new building was planned to house an Early Learning Center on the ground floor and an Adult Learning Center above, with the remaining one and a half floors left as unoccupied space.

While the catalyst for the Master Plan was the empty space in the new building, American School of Dubai leadership saw this as a larger opportunity to evaluate the campus as a whole and create a road map for what they wanted learning to look like in the future.

Through the seven-month Discovery and Master Planning process with 50+ participants, Fielding and the school community worked together through a series of in-country workshops and online meetings to develop a campus master plan that identifies opportunities to create greater alignment of the school’s educational vision and its physical space.

The plan developed charts a path forward for the inclusion of the new building and future renovation projects.

Master Plan Guiding Principles:

  • Inspire Curiosity
  • Enhance Community
  • Develop Agency
  • Ensure Flexibility
  • Promote Well-being, Joy and Fun!

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