Chappaqua Central School District – Middle School Transformations

  • LocationChappaqua, New York, USA
  • TypeDistrict Master Plan / Renovations
  • SizeRobert E. Bell Middle School - 4,200 SF / Seven Bridges Middle School - 6,000 SF

A deep renovation of existing traditional classroom spaces within a historic building and a build-out of existing unfinished space into new STEAM Learning Centers.

Fielding helped these Middle Schools (grades 6-8) create spaces where students can now participate in project-based learning so they can bring ideas from conception through design to production leading to a deeper understanding of academic content and a stronger motivation to learn.

Renovations were designed so that projects can be developed around multi-disciplinary learning with an emphasis on inspiring students to be innovators in the areas of science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics.

The STEAM centers allow students to explore, prototype, sketch designs, create and test products, and present and reflect on their work. They contain exploratory production spaces with advanced machinery and digital equipment to produce professional quality work.

Each center has a collaborative brainstorming space and individual thinking space incorporated into the design enabling students to develop ideas and experience an interactive design process. Spaces are allocated for presentation, beta-testing, whole-class instruction, and gallery space to showcase products.

Design Patterns

Dispersed Technology
Agile Lab Space
Student Display Space
STEAM Learning Community
Creative Kiosk
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