Hummingbird Design Lab and Professional Learning Center

  • LocationMinneapolis, Minnesota, USA
  • TypeNew Construction
  • Size8,000 SF

How can you create a space that shifts rapidly from an architectural studio to a professional learning center and community gathering space?

Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum and author of The Fourth Industrial Revolution writes that “For our world to survive, buildings need to be rapidly reprogrammable, accommodating office work, social gatherings and learning space.” The Hummingbird Design Lab was created to serve all these functions, as well as a place to live and play.

The Hummingbird Design Lab (affectionately known as the Bird) was inspired by the hummingbird, the only bird that is agile enough to fly backward and upside down. Fielding International rezoned a single family lot for multi-use, and constructed a new building with a 600% increase in density, while enhancing the aesthetic qualities of the corner and welcoming the neighborhood.

The main level serves as Fielding’s architectural studio, and is rapidly reconfigurable as a professional learning center. The space illustrates a variety of design patterns and details to support learners that thrive, including a vibrant indoor-outdoor connection, welcoming entry and kitchen commons, media hearth, learning commons, calming retreat, varied furniture types, gallery stair, four different types of lighting, and four different types of acoustical treatments.

Expand, converge and execute: The Bird was designed to spark an iterative design thinking process. The Expansive cycle includes listening, exploring ideas and collaborating. The Convergent cycle includes assembling ideas, developing components, sharing and processing feedback. The Execution cycle includes refining, testing and polishing. Whether developing a vision, an educational program or designing a new school, the Bird sparks connection, joy, movement, and innovation.

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