Presidents Primary School, Fedossevskaya Campus

  • LocationKazan, Russia
  • TypeNew Construction
  • Size40,285 SF
  • RecognitionInternational Baccalaureate (IB)

The Presidents Primary School (60-students/PK-4) is located on the Fedossevskaya Campus, one of the two campuses planned and designed by Fielding International for the International School of Kazan. The program responds to the vision of the City Leadership and Federal Government of Tatarstan in the creation of a world-class international school network that will attract international business and research to Kazan. It is their belief that “Excellent Schools are an economic generator.”

We need a school to boost local economic growth and innovation.”

The resulting dual campuses at Mavlutova and Fedossevskaya, emphasize student-directed independent learning, creative collaboration, and merging technologies. The Presidents School was the first new building completed and uses a learning community model as the basis of design. Each floor contains a single Learning Community consisting of a Learning Commons, a set of interconnected Learning Studios, and other enrichment spaces.

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