Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology

  • LocationRayong, Thailand
  • TypeNew Construction
  • Size221,000 SF

The first world-class research institute in science and technology in Rayong, Vidyasirimedhi Institute was founded and strives towards being a world-class academic research and creating knowledge and cutting-edge innovation for Thai society. Although full support in research funding, university infrastructure, research facilities, teaching equipment and human resources are provided by PTT Public Company Limited, Vidyasirimedhi Institute is designed to be autonomous and academically independent. Vidyasirimedhi Institute’s mission is to increase the country’s competitiveness by developing the best people in science and technology.

We want to create a university and high school that will increase Thailand’s competitiveness in the global market while respecting the earth.”

The vision behind this multi discipline eco-campus is to bring the realms of science and technology together within an inspiring natural landscape. With both high school and higher education students on the same campus, The planning and design team decided that an innovative opportunity existed to align programs from both schools, to bring together high school students and graduate researchers in collaboration in an innovative STEM environment.

The science and technology based high school has a curriculum that aligns with the architecture in order to provide opportunities for learning anywhere and everywhere within the building. Everything in this school is aimed at teaching the “collective brain” and follows the cutting-edge concepts and design principles that support 21st century learning.

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