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We are an architectural design firm and often serve as Design Architect, collaborating closely with partners local to our projects to provide full architectural and engineering design services. 

Through intense collaboration, we strive to create learning environments that inspire all students, safeguard their health and encompass sustainable strategies.

An important part of creating beautiful spaces is that they are first and foremost functional. Unfortunately, there are many schools that feature beautiful spaces but are not ideal environments for learning. Teachers and students end up struggling with the limits of the space. That is why we spend a lot of time and effort early in the design process on alignment. We include many stakeholders to envision all the various activities that would take place in a school based on the educational vision and goals. We try to imagine all the future possibilities for use and develop flexible solutions that can adapt over time. 

We also believe in the old adage “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Many architects only design for what they think is beautiful which typically results in cold, sterile, and minimalist spaces. We design spaces that are beautiful and functional for the inhabitants of the school. Because of this, every school we have designed is unique and different.

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