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Community Engagement and Consensus Building

Inclusiveness is vital from a design perspective, so our team uses Discovery Workshops to understand the points of view of teachers, administrators, students, parents, and the community-at-large, engaging school communities into the design of the future of learning.

Engagement options include student site walks; teacher, student, and parent focus groups; design patterns workshops; educational readiness workshops; site and sustainability workshops; community gathering and best practices; and, student and teacher surveys. 

Our Community Engagement experience includes work with schools and communities around the world. 

At Pinnacles Prep School in Wenatchee, Washington (nearly 100% English as a second language, English language learners, or simply Spanish speaking only), our Architects and Educators worked alongside community members, school leaders, and project stakeholders to envision the ideal conditions for learning. Following these visits, we developed a facility program and renovation plan to accommodate the vision that the community shared.

At The KAUST School (TKS) in Saudi Arabia (a truly international community spanning at least 5 religions, countless ethnicities, and dozens of countries of origin) our Architects and Educators conducted workshops, presented case studies, and facilitated countless conversations with teachers, staff, parents, and students about their hopes and dreams for TKS’ future.

Every community and every audience is unique. We have achieved consensus through creative approaches, including fireside chats, focus groups, community meetings, and surveys.

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