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Master Planning for Educational Transformation

Fielding International has developed Innovative Master Facility Plans for public and private schools around the world. The “Roadmaps” we help school organizations develop often follow through after successful funding with Pathfinder Projects, new school buildings, renovation projects, right-sizing, planning and specifying new school furnishings, and Learning Design Services (Professional Development).

To help schools make the best decisions for their future facilities we utilize a process of “Discovery and Visioning” that begins with a deep dive into the future educational program that the facilities will support. Through this process, our team works to develop a clear picture of what teaching and learning will look like so that solutions pertaining to alignment, capacity and facilities can support the educational program now and in the future.

In planning for the future, we work to provide a framework for prioritizing and making smart decisions about facilities. This includes high-level scenarios to address the guiding questions of a master planning study so that school communities can share them with advisory teams to gain feedback and direction. 

Scenarios include ideas for what buildings could be: renovated, replaced, or abandoned, along with opportunities for new locations and/or partnerships that provide optimal learning environments and experiences for students. 

This process can also include the conceptual development of scenarios for a Master Plan recommendation that takes into consideration Demographic Studies, Capacity Analysis, Adaptability Assessment, and existing Facilities Condition Assessment.

Based on feedback, our team makes recommendations on scenarios that are framed by clearly articulated key goals and guiding principles, and ties together all supporting documents and data. 

Fielding’s Master Planning reports serve as a roadmap and provide a framework for how best to make informed decisions for your facilities in the future.

While every project we undertake is custom designed to the specific needs of our clients, our Master Planning services are often the first step in aligning a learning ecosystem, as they serve as a roadmap and provide a framework for how best to make informed decisions for your future facilities.

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