Marlene Watson Learning Designer

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Marlene is an instrumental member of our team, combining her 17 years of experience and in-depth knowledge of instructional design principles with a keen sense of innovation and creativity to drive the creation of transformative learning environments. Her wealth of experience, honed from years spent in the classroom, allows her to bring a unique perspective to our process, as she deeply understands the operational nuances of schools (including vast experience within Learning Communities) and how students interact with curriculum and spaces.

A proactive collaborator, Marlene works seamlessly with a diverse set of educators, designers, and architects, driving discussions and fostering an environment that encourages unconventional thinking.

In her interactions with clients and schools, she consistently displays a remarkable ability to forge personal connections and to provide insightful suggestions, ensuring that each interaction is not only a service provided, but also a partnership formed. Marlene’s pivotal contributions continue to shape the process of aligning educational spaces with modern pedagogical principles, reinforcing her role as a key driver of educational transformation.

One of Marlene’s standout attributes is her passion for making learning both approachable and inspiring. She endeavors to create environments where both students and instructors feel engaged, motivated, and truly invested in the educational journey.

Backing her in-field expertise is a robust academic foundation. Marlene holds a Master’s degree in Administration and Supervision, a graduate certificate in Early Childhood Education, and a minor in psychology.

Marlene’s experience is further highlighted by her prowess in delivering impeccable instructions. Her capability extends to coordinating and hosting influential community events and developing content enriched by cooperative learning and multiple intelligences theories. In the ever-evolving educational landscape, Marlene stands as a beacon of knowledge, innovation, and transformative impact.

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