Nathan Strenge Senior Learning Designer

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Nathan Strenge Senior Learning Designer

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Nathan’s aha moment in education came when he discovered a pattern: schools designed to help all learners thrive use time and space to develop student agency and create roles that cultivate trusting relationships.”

Nathan’s drive to transform education comes through his belief that all people deserve to learn in an environment that adapts to their unique gifts and needs. As an innovative teacher of ten years, Nathan found that schools that truly support all learners are built on a foundation of deep relationships, designed for a learner-centered paradigm. Furthermore, he discovered the interdependence of time, space, and roles; and how they must be aligned to achieve the 21st-century goals that most schools aspire to. For students to become engaged citizens, curious learners, critical thinkers, complex problem solvers, empathetic listeners…an integrated ecosystem needs to be purposely designed with students, parents, and teachers as authentic collaborators.

Since Nathan has joined Fielding International as a Senior Learning Designer, he has invested in network building to be at the forefront of education innovation through human-centered design. Nathan serves as USA Country Lead at HundrED and is an active member of Education Reimagine’s Learning Lab. In spring 2020, he leveraged this network to lead a global COVID response series called From Gathering to Transformation with 1,000+ participants from all across the globe.

Nathan’s work with clients involves facilitating student, teacher, and community discovery workshops to align parts of a school’s ecosystem to help all learners thrive. His workshops are designed to be inclusive and interactive.

Nathan graduated Summa Cum Laude from Augustana University majoring in Mathematics and Secondary Education, and has graduate training in strategic planning and leadership from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his wife and two young daughters, going on walks, and playing all sorts of games with friends.

Nathan challenged and supported us to be brave and to be forward-thinking educators to assist us to see what education could be... [W]e have worked so hard to move away from the conventional system with [Nathan's] help and continue to revolutionize education here at Belgrade Brooten Elrosa.”

Janelle Field, PK-12 Innovative/Tech Specialist Belgrade Brooten Elrosa Public Schools

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