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Home-like Bathrooms

Inclusive Bathrooms

Inclusive Bathrooms


As social-cultural conceptions of privacy, gender, race, and identity have evolved, anxieties and challenges have been illuminated related to the design, use, and interactions associated with public restrooms. Sex-segregated restroom options may not provide a welcoming or inclusive user experience for all students or staff.


In an effort to make every person in a school feel safe, restrooms can be organized and arranged to inclusively accommodate the full spectrum of gender expressions, physical abilities, and privacy needs.

Related Patterns Learning Community, Choice in Environment

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  • Inclusive and Home-like Bathrooms

    Getting Smart looks into why and how to incorporate inclusive and home-like bathrooms.

  • Where do we go from here?

    This podcast (and its associated article) provides a compelling narrative describing how we came to have sex-segregated restrooms and how, through universal design, we can have restrooms that inclusively accommodate the full spectrum of gender expressions and physical abilities.

  • Stalled!

    Stalled! is a collaborative group of architects, designers, lawyers, and experts focused on addressing social justice issues related to public restrooms. Their website is a great resource for restroom design.