Delmar International School Middle and High School

  • LocationCabo San Lucas, B.C.S., Mexico
  • TypeMaster Plan and New Build
  • Size28,500 SF

Fielding’s latest work on Delmar’s campus was the addition of a 360 student Middle School, designed to facilitate shifts in learning into 21st century pedagogy with the assistance of architectural environments. Features like covered outdoor common areas for small group breakout, a Discovery Lab for messy projects and tinkering, and paired classrooms for co-teaching provide learners with an environment that not only “prepares students for school, but prepares students for life.”

Delmar International School’s campus is near the coast with plentiful community connections and outdoor learning spaces.

A “School of Families for Families,” the design of Delmar incorporates into their learning a strong Catholic culture, a high level of parental involvement, a proud and diverse student and staff body, exposure to English, and environmental consciousness.

Design drivers included strong community connections inside and outside, integrated small-scaled dining cafes, computer robotics spaces, and views of the ocean and desert landscape.

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