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Eden Park Pathfinder

Award-winning school renovation in Rhode Island – designed by Fielding International.

Singapore American School: Reimagining the Environment

Fielding International is proud to announce its partnership with the Singapore American School (SAS) and its $400 million campus upgrade project that reimagines the role of classrooms and buildings in the learning journey and will provide unmatched learning opportunities for students.

St Martin de Porres High School Learning Environment

Hear from school leaders and designers about the process and outcome that transformed the learning environment.

Ballarat Grammar School

Ballarat Grammar School’s new grade 5-6 facility in Victoria, Australia, is an International Baccalaureate (IB) school and a truly unique project. As students return from an immersive 4th-grade experience on a farm school off-site, the new building provides an innovative transition space for 21st-century learning. Fielding International worked closely with Ballarat staff and students to identify design drivers to create a space where wellness, learner autonomy, and educator collaboration are at the forefront of the building design.

North Tampa Christian Academy: Leveraging the Landscape

As Design Architect for North Tampa Christian Academy’s highly efficient new campus, Fielding International led the process from the education planning and programming of space, through detailed design and selection of furniture. The design utilizes indoor and outdoor space to support 650 students from early learners in the Early Childhood Education Center (ECEC) through the 12th grade.

Learning Community Animation

This video from Fielding International depicts the transformation of a conventional hallway with eight classrooms to a learning community of diverse spaces. The total space shown is about 8,000 square feet.

School Transformation: Cells-and-Bells to a Learning Community

This two-minute animation shows the power of spatial transformation. From a cells-and-bells model that defined 20th-century philosophy to a learning community model developed by Fielding International. Schools looking to create environments where all learners thrive can apply this model with a renovation to a single wing of a building with limited resource investment.



Designing for Well-Being

Fielding International Research: A book of design solutions for holistic well-being in education.

Learning by Design’s Citation of Excellence Award:  South Clearfield Elementary

Honored with Learning by Design’s Citation of Excellence Award, South Clearfield Elementary has been recognized as a benchmark facility for its incorporation of next generation learning space design and planning methodologies. “The project’s design offers a holistic and human-centered view by offering a spectrum of dynamic architectural qualities while referring to all users.”

Mississippi Delta Blues Camp: Mission and Design Concept

Help support our mission of using blues music to re-engage at-risk youth and promote growth socially, economically, and academically. The Young family is creating Blues Camp to help youth reconnect with their roots in Blues Music and the culture of the Mississippi Delta. Fielding International has created this Design Concept to help support this important mission.

Ringing the End to “Cells- and-Bells” School Design

Narrow corridors dotted with boxy classrooms, creating an industrial and institutional feel, have long defined the typical school. Leading architects Fielding International has fought against this approach and is launching an app to show how it can be done better. Nathan Strenge, Senior Learning Designer at Fielding, explains…

Rhode Island: The Little State with Big Ideas

Eden Park’s Learning Community: More Joy and More Learning

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