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School Transformation / Change Management Planning

Everywhere we go, we find schools (and districts) that are struggling with how to transform from the “old ways” of doing things.  These schools have educators, administrators, and students who want learning experiences that adapt to the unique needs and gifts of every individual, but there’s often frustration in knowing how to actualize meaningful change. Said another way, schools may be asking themselves “what are the actions we as a school community can take that will create the conditions where every learner thrives?”

Schools operate as a complex system, so trying to address this question using conventional approaches to professional development will almost certainly fail. Conventional professional development typically has experts come in, present some information on a new program or methodology, and then leave. This approach is devoid of the deep relationship-building and context-setting that is required of truly transformative work. This approach often leaves the systems that support the “old ways” unscathed, which in turn puts up barriers to the kind of cultural and pedagogical shifts that come with authentic school transformation. 

Our approach to school transformation relies on understanding what your pain points are, building critical relationships across your school community to grasp your unique vision for thriving learners, and developing a plan with you that will overcome the barriers to get there. 

Examples of Professional Learning experiences that have come out of this approach include the following:

  • Helping principals create and facilitate an adaptive challenge at their school
  • Leading High-quality Project-Based Learning (HQPBL) training for opt-in teachers in elementary, middle, and high schools
  • Delivery of PD utilizing an in-class coaching model that is more sustainable over time since it will develop trained mentors within your community and reduce your dependence on outside consultants
  • Architecture for IB programs
  • Working with teachers on the design of a Pathfinder project
  • School tours—we can conduct educational tours of schools around the world that are successfully implementing a student-centered curriculum
  • Educational commissioning—training teachers and students to get the maximum teaching and learning value from new and renovated facilities

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