Aldrich Elementary School

  • LocationCedar Falls, Iowa, USA
  • TypeNew
  • Size84,705 SF

A new elementary school was needed to accommodate the rapidly growing enrollment of the Cedar Falls Community School District. This cutting-edge school creates a new student experience, strategic connections, and spaces for the community to come together.

The school embraces modern learning through its inclusion of Makerspace, ESTEM rooms, and a media center and library named the “Curiosity Center.” The cafeteria and gymnasium are separated by a moveable wall partition, and a slightly raised stage provides space for performances of art, theater, and music.

Two classrooms at each grade level have a folding partition between them with one having an overhead garage-type door that opens them up to a common area. With plenty of technology and soft seating, students are able to work in small groups or gather for whole-grade presentations. One of the four classrooms in each grade is called the DaVinci studio, a larger space with extra storage, the difference is the open ceiling and the tile floors.

Commons areas encourage collaboration with technology connections located in floor boxes throughout the space for individual or group assignments but can be easily converted into a classroom setting by a simple push of a button at the teacher’s station to allow all of the individual screens to share the same content.

Design Patterns

STEAM Learning Community
Da Vinci Studio
Agile Spaces
STEAM Workshop
Dispersed Technology
Integrating the Arts & Performance
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