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What is the Global Learning Commons?

The Global Learning Commons was born from the work that Fielding International’s educators and architects are doing with schools around the world. As schools and districts shift their vision, practice, and physical environment towards more student-centered and future-ready learning, there is a desire for seeing this new paradigm in real life.

At Fielding, we are frequently asked, “Can I see it?” and “How do I do that?”

Fielding's FAQs
What does a math lesson look like in a learning community?
Fielding's FAQs
What is “room neutral” and how do I establish it at my school?
Fielding's FAQs
How does flexible furniture actually work in practice?
Fielding's FAQs
As a leader, how do I help my teachers transition to more collaborative teaching practices?

The Global Learning Commons is the Fielding International network of schools. Leaders, schools, and districts leverage their collective knowledge to grow and learn in this shifting paradigm.

We invite experts to share their insights on how to implement student-centered practices, we provide time and space for members to connect and learn from fellow practitioners, we provide curated resources, we give you one-on-one time to meet your needs and address your challenges, and we create opportunities for you to see examples of successful schools in action.


Who is involved?

Participants include leaders at all levels of education who are interested in positive change and growth in student-centered learning and innovative learning environments.

    • Educators and Administrators
    • Public, Private, and Charter schools
    • National and International Schools
    • Individual Schools and Whole or Partial Districts
    • PreK-12+
    • Rural and Urban

Our Showcase Schools

This coming school year, we will be touring South Clearfield Elementary and tentatively Eden Park Elementary to see how reimagining space can have a direct and powerful impact on teaching and learning. See how the space functions in action, hear from students what works, and learn from teachers and principals how to enact change on small and large scales.

South Clearfield Elementary
Davis School District – Clearfield, UT

Eden Park Elementary School
Cranston Public School District – Cranston, RI

What will you learn?

    • Knowledge and skills to make meaningful changes in pedagogical practices
    • Best practices in how to function cohesively in innovative learning environments 
    • Strategies to create collaborative and flexible environments 
    • Tools to design and optimize learning spaces, promote student agency and engagement, and cultivate a strong sense of community. 
    • Implementation of interdisciplinary learning, project-based and inquiry-based approaches, and leverage technology effectively.
    • A deeper understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion enabling inclusive and culturally responsive environments
    • Leadership skills to contribute to your school(s) as you grow as a practitioner of learner-centered education

Join us in the Commons!

Become a part of our growing Global Learning Commons and collaborate with other professionals in the network.

Why this network?

Fielding’s Global Learning Commons offers:

    • The lens of Fielding International, bringing a global perspective with schools in over 50 countries, 20+ International design awards, and 4 published books. We see the innovative work that is being done in schools around the world and are excited to share and connect!
    • Over 20 years of experience designing future-ready spaces for schools
    • The insights of Architects and Educators that know and understand student-centered learning spaces
    • Connection to hundreds of schools in different phases of embracing student-centered learning through space and pedagogy

Please feel free to reach out to Senior Learning Designer, Janet Jefferson, at for further information.

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