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The Resource Library is a curated, searchable virtual library to help you connect to more information and resources. Trying to explain to parents what a learning community is? Looking for a resource to give to teachers struggling with Project Based Learning? Need an accountability tool for teacher collaboration? Browse or search the Resource Library to find what you need. Use the filters to browse by topic or media type.

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The Member Directory is another resource to connect. Looking for someone with similar challenges? Trying to find someone to talk to in a certain area of expertise? Looking for other schools in your area? The Directory can be a connection tool. If you haven’t submitted your member form or would like to update your profile, you may do so here.

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Monthly Engagement Topics

September 2023
Welcome to the Global Learning Commons

Our first engagement will focus on introductions, expectations, and community norms. Our goal is to practice what we preach as much as possible and give you tools to apply in your own setting. We will start by establishing a culture of learning and sharing.
October 2023
How to Implement your Mission, Vision, & Strategic Plan

To kick off the year we will start with a cornerstone of school, its mission and vision. As educational leaders, how do you implement your mission and vision? What does it look like in practice? How do you know you are succeeding? We will examine four important pillars and their role in education. We will also explore authentic feedback tools that you can rely on.
November 2023
How to Use Space & Furniture

This month we will cover how to introduce space and how to use it effectively. We will discuss giving students more ownership over time and the necessary scaffolds to be successful. Evidence suggests that using student-centered spatial design, including furniture arrangement, results in increased student engagement. So if space and furniture are the learning tools, how do we most effectively use these tools?
December 2023
Supporting your Staff

December is focused on professional development and staff support. We will discuss how to remain grounded in the mission and vision to help provide direction and include teacher voice for specifics. We will talk about how to leverage strengths and think about educators as part of a collective team. We will examine several tools for creating a culture of shared ownership with faculty and staff.
January 2024
Creating Pockets of Unstructured Time

In January we will talk about structuring unstructured time to engage student thought, inquiry, and understanding. We will discuss tips on how to increase student ownership over time and place including self-assessment.
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Optional Consulting Hours

Each individual, school, or district can purchase consulting services at an hourly virtual or daily in-person rate to provide direct support for your unique needs. We start by asking the question, “What are the problems you are trying to solve?”

We can address a range of challenges including, but not limited to:

    • Virtual coaching for building leaders – review and discuss the constraints of your building
    • Facilitated design sprint – use design thinking to solve a challenge related to flexible learning environments, a 2.5 day workshop
    • Teacher PD focused on being a future-ready/adaptive teacher – a possible mix of virtual and in-person, topics would include tools for collaborative teaching and the transition from “me to we”
    • A mini spatial audit or a starter space audit: first identify vision and values, then collaborate with educators to reimagine space. Can focus on one component of a spatial audit, or “step one” of a spatial audit

Please feel free to reach out to Senior Learning Designer, Janet Jefferson, at for further information.

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